By Meleager
Translated from the Greek by Fortunato Salazar


legal compliance

loyal subordinates in the absolute

…without being cited
how about trying to introduce the two of you


two people carried all over the following year

you put yourself in the “this side”

in melee
funny individualistic lizard
light blue body and perfectly round

…in the parrot there is a really talented lizard—Iadmon

wait no…Ouma…wait no

insolent reconnaissance
…okay? your nap face into a brief

misty-eyed eyelids

maybe face

linear in an instant face

EMPRESS to insert the sunshine of the sun where you’ll keep an eye out

jolted saying such it
arrives at its lobe
lobe? reunited with her

to be bathing. Not troubled to bait



O Cobb
concentric kingfisher
open a ski school
damage one person                   personkh

defunct basin
meet Clara Schumann
meet Clara Schumann
O Cobb

O Co b n
meet Clara Schumann
meet Clara Schumann              meet etc.
confirm one person                   personkh

mohair professional
cute busy white flame
bound to the only tree
O Cobb



Meleager (first century BCE; also known as Meleager of Gadara) was an Ancient Greek poet best known for writing erotic epigrams and compiling the first anthology of epigrams, known as Stephanos (Garland).

Fortunato Salazar is a Los Angeles-based writer who is the authorized biographer for the fashion model/actress/bullfighter Bette Ford and whose recent writing has appeared in/at PEN America, VICE, J Journal, Washington Square Review and and elsewhere.