M–DASH is a publication of Autumn Hill Books. It is the progeny of AHB but also its own entity (as most progeny are apt to be). Which is to say, AHB publishes books. We at M-Dash publish essays and literary translations that are derived from or inspired by those print translations. Our goal is to create a conversation.

If you would like to submit to M-Dash, please review our submission guidelines.

Senior Editor, Sarah Viren
Sarah Viren is a writer and translator living in West Texas. She translates from the Spanish and has published translations in The Massachusetts Review, Kenyon Review Online, and (forthcoming) Ploughshares Solos.

Assistant Editor, Alex Niemi
Alex author photo
Alex Niemi is a translator from French, Spanish and Russian with an MFA from University of Iowa’s Literary Translation program. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Buenos Aires Review, Iowa Literaria, and the poetry anthology Devouring the Green: Fear of a Transhuman Planet.

Reviews Editor, Patty Nash
Patty Nash is an arts fellow in the MFA literary translation program at the University of Iowa, where she translates from German and French. She is blog editor for Asymptote and contributes editing for Exchanges, Iowa’s journal of literary translation. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Asymptote blog, Catch & Release, and the Stockholm Review of Literature.

Contributing Editor, Russell Scott Valentino
valentino, russell


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