M-DASH is a publication of Autumn Hill Books. It is the progeny of AHB but also its own entity (as most progeny are apt to be). Which is to say, AHB publishes books, M-Dash publishes essays, translations derived from or inspired by book translations, occasional interviews, and occasional reviews. Our goal is to create and maintain meaningful conversation about the practice of translation in the context of literature across the globe, both in the present and in the past. We look for fresh insights and perspectives, critical, reflective voices, friends and supporters.

M-Dash is not currently accepting submissions. If you’re looking for a literary magazine to publish your work, check out the searchable Poets and Writers database.


    1. Dear James, apologies for the long delay. You probably figured out in the meantime that we’ve been taking a break and haven’t been accepting any submissions. I hope you found a home for your work. Good luck. –Russell

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